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More Solutions Lighting ControlMore Solutions Ltd is a dedicated supplier of IT solutions, providing innovative and tailored lighting control solutions to meet their customers' needs.

More Solutions provides IT systems to control the lighting and power monitoring at various facilities in the UK.

With continually rising energy costs, there is a greater demand for accurately monitoring energy use, to save costs and optimise building resources.

More Solutions specialises in the integration and development of building automation in particular large scale lighting control and stadium lighting control.

More Solutions helps clients to cut down costs and improve their own power and energy consumption by offering innovative options for businesses both large and small. The automatic control of domestic and commercial lighting is quickly becoming an important part of energy optimisation, security and comfort.

IT applications from More Solutions ranges from off the shelf packages to complete integrated systems wholly customised to meet the end users requirements. Each tailored solution from More Solutions is also "future proofed" to allow customers to develop and adapt ideas when they see fit.

More Solutions has helped clients to cut costs and better mange their own power and energy consumption by offering innovative, previously unavailable options for business requirements in remote locations or by retro fitting buildings.

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