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Secomea Industrial Networking
Remote Access to Industrial Equipment

Secomea provides complete industrial networking solutions for secure and easy remote access to PLC’s, HMI and automation equipment.

Secomea has built strong line of Firewall/VPN and Industrial Communications Solutions with unique emphasis on making the solutions easy to install, setup and use.

Internet based industrial communication solutions help monitor, manage and service equipment no matter where it is located. Solution which give you the ability to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and boost revenues with increased machine uptime.

Secomea remote access for machine builders and system integrators worldwide. Secomea SiteManager offers ideal solution for remote access for industrial equipment.

Cost and Efficiency Benefits

  • Save costs by not having to travel to your customer
  • Optimize service offering by providing instant support to ensure machine uptime
  • Optimize engineering costs by allowing key engineers to service global customers simultaneously

Secomea Features

  • Secure M2M solution for Machine Builders and System Integrators
  • Mobile access from your Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet (iPad, iPhone, Android etc.)
  • Instant remote access to your Ethernet, Serial and USB connected industrial equipment
  • Remote programming, monitoring or data-logging of PLCs etc. just as if you were on-site
  • Central management of sites and user access following the highest IT security standards
  • Easy and intuitive web based setup including templates for all major PLC and HMI products
  • Return of investment (ROI) already achieved with the first use

How it works

  1. Technician or end user installs a SiteManager unit at the machine location and connects it to the machine network or directly to an Ethernet, Serial or USB device.
  2. The SiteManager gets access to the central GateManager M2M server via the local network or via 3G.
  3. Create and administer LinkManager user accounts for your engineers via the GateManager Web portal.
  4. The engineer installs the LinkManager client with a few clicks - no configuration is needed.
  5. The engineer starts LinkManager and connects to a device remotely.
  6. The engineer starts his programming software and connects as if he is connected locally.

For more information about Secomea products and industrial networking solutions, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.


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