Vision Applications

Vision Applications

Vision Automation ApplicationIn modern manufacturing, maintaining consistent and above all accurate production lines is paramount to overall success.

Given the increasingly tight regulations and high standards of quality control set on the manufacturing industry, there is a growing demand to have complete quality assurance in the production, selection and processing of all items.

With More Control, discover practical vision & sensor automation applications, for testing objects for shape, position, colour or contours.

If you have vision sensor automation application that you wish to have designed or developed, feel free to contact us and one of technical engineers can provide the ideal vision sensor automation solution to suit your business needs.


More Control Vision & Sensor Automation Applications

Mobile Barcode Checking System

More Control was approached by a contract packing company who had sent out a customer’s order using the incorrect packaging. This was a costly mistake in terms of rework time, transport costs and customer confidence.

Label Conversion Sensor

More Control label conversion automation application; for accurately checking and identifying that labels have been correctly applied to packaging before being dispatched to the appropriate customer.


Optical Character Recognition

To meet the growing demands of precision counting in the automation industry, More Control have developed tailor made Optical Character Recognition applications (OCR) to accurately check date codes, lot number and product codes on a range product items to suit your automaton needs.


Standalone Date Recognition System

A leading sandwich manufacturer had major problems with their "Best Before" date coding on their packaging. More Control provided a vision system using OCR technology character verification to read the date code.


Print Jars Sensor

Precision vision sensor automation application for inspecting glass jars, to ensure each jar has a clearly defined date and batch code around the top section. Cost effective application that can with precision accept or reject product items.


Box Flap Sensor

Sensor automation application to check a production line to detect whether box flaps on packaging has been securely fastened down to ensure that packaging is fixed and secure.


Inspection Medical Connector

The customer wanted to check whether a plastic clip was fully formed prior to the final assembly of a medical connector. To do this, More Control utilized an Omron FZ3 Vision System to reliably perform this inspection in just 24ms.


Paint Handle Sensor

Sensor automation application, designed to ensure that the handles of a paint can have been fastened in the correction position and are fixed in place, to ensure the handle does not fall off the paint can.


Sachet Detection Sensor

Omron F150 vision sensor automation application designed to detect whether desiccant sachets have been correctly placed into a packaging prior to sealing, to ensure that the contents inside the packaging remains dry.


Omron FZ4 Vision System

The Omron Vision system looks for the maximum edge width in multiple sections of this area. The width is measured between the pairs of green crosses.


Detection Scoop Sensor

Sensor automation application system that is designed to check that all cans containing baby milk powder have the relevant associated product scoop in the can before being sealed shut.

Capsule Print Sensor

Omron FZ vision automation application used to accurately read text and other compact details on a capsule to correctly identify and reject product items.


Capsule Dimensions Sensor

Omron FZ vision automation application system, used to accurately check and measure the overall length of a capsule and to ensure that the two halves are sealed sufficiently without any imperfections or holes.


Colour Check Sensor

Omron FZ vision system used to detect and check the two coloured halves of a capsule are correctly joined together. The Omron FZ vision system is set to extract the colour of each capsule and to identify the two halves of the capsules that are used, are a correct match.


Cap Detection System

The customer requested a simple, cost effective control system to detect if a cap was missing from a healthcare product. If a non-capped product continued along the conveyor it could topple over at the next stage of production and contaminate the pallet of goods.


2D Code Reading Sensor

Omron ZFX vision automation application system used along with a low angle right light to accurately read large amounts of data from even the most compact of barcodes.


Proximity Sensor

Ever factory in the UK uses inductive proximity sensors. As proximity sensors do not require any physical contact it is particular useful for application where access present challenges or where dirt is prevalent. The customer used many inductive proximity sensors in a very harsh environment of brick making equipment. More Control was asked to develop a practical sensor solution to ensure that sensors would not get damaged by water, abrasive brick dust and mechanical damage from collision with bricks.


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